Combi Oven Detergents

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Oven Cleaner Power  - 5 литра

Oven Cleaner Power    Висококонцентриран алкален почистващ  препарат за конвектомати с  автоматичн..

55.20 лв Ex Tax: 46.00 лв

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Production in 24h 155 kg Bin capacity, up to 40 kg Cooling syste..
5,736.00 лв
Ex Tax: 4,780.00 лв
  Are designed to slice firm and soft vegetables, fruits, mushrooms etc. Dices when ..
360.00 лв
Ex Tax: 300.00 лв
The cooking plate with rounded front corners in smooth steel, with polished or solid chrome finish, ..
8,042.40 лв
Ex Tax: 6,702.00 лв
 Steel Type(Stain Resistant) Edge Type(Double Edged) Edge-Material(AUS-8) Handle-Material(Magnolia/B..
246.00 лв
Ex Tax: 246.00 лв