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Concept 25 S, GRAEF

Gravity slicer Individually adaptable thanks to the modular system Compact L design offe..

4,728.00 лв Ex Tax: 3,940.00 лв

Fac Volano 300 - Slicer

Fac Volano 300 - Slicer The best-selling of our flywheel slicers, the 300 VOLANO model. Construc..

6,444.00 лв Ex Tax: 5,370.00 лв

Mobile Slicer UNA90, GRAEF

Portable and space-saving Fold to store: the UNA 90 Foldable and stable: the aluminium c..

1,126.80 лв Ex Tax: 939.00 лв

Slicer SKS 110, GRAEF

Free gift included: Mini-Slice attachment Compact metal slicer with small footprint, for kitch..

351.60 лв Ex Tax: 293.00 лв

Slicer, Bistro 1920, GRAEF

Bistro 1920 High performance in short-time operation Smooth-running carriage with ergo..

1,761.60 лв Ex Tax: 1,468.00 лв

Slicer, HA 800 Semi-automatic, GRAEF

Optional special carriages available Servo-assisted manual operation Automatic placement with..

28,900.80 лв Ex Tax: 24,084.00 лв

Slicer, Master 2720, GRAEF

Compact and powerful Maintenance-free motor with air cooling system for continuous operation O..

8,985.60 лв Ex Tax: 7,488.00 лв

Slicer, Master 3310, GRAEF

The meat-cutter - basic carriage Maintenance-free motor with air cooling system for conti..

11,289.60 лв Ex Tax: 9,408.00 лв

Slicer, Master 3310, GRAEF

Master 3020 HS Razor-thin thin cut Maintenance-free motor with air cooling system for ..

13,546.80 лв Ex Tax: 11,289.00 лв

Solido 220, Slicing machine, GRAEF

Available in three designs Compact and powerful Suitable for continuous operation Compa..

2,421.60 лв Ex Tax: 2,018.00 лв