lever mixers

lever mixers

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lever mixer Klarco

 lever mixer Klarco ..

230.40 лв Ex Tax: 192.00 лв

Free-standing frame to support GAMMA range tops. Side panels, base and inside in stainlesssteel AISI..
876.00 лв
Ex Tax: 730.00 лв
Are designed to slice firm and soft vegetables, fruits, mushrooms etc. Dices when combi..
486.00 лв
Ex Tax: 405.00 лв
Griddle made of AISI 304 stainless steel, 20/10 mm thickness top. Cooking plate made in Fe510D steel..
8,748.00 лв
Ex Tax: 7,290.00 лв
The Moretti Forni iDM 60.60 Deck Pizza Oven is characterized by intelligent products that are remark..
6,000.00 лв
Ex Tax: 5,000.00 лв