Potato peeler - PPF/10M - Fimar - 10ikg

Potato peeler - PPF/10M - Fimar - 10ikg

POTATO PEELER PPN/PPF - An appliance for peeling potatoes and carrots. Stainless steel structure - upper cover in food-safe polycarbonate - safety microswitch on the upper cover and on the outlet - button for the ejection of the food product - timer 0 - 4 minutes - automatic jet of water to favour the elimination of the peel residues - an extractable abrasive plate (abrasive plate PTA for 5 - 10 - 18 kgs and abrasive plate PTB for 25 kgs) is included as standard. The lateral abrasive is only standard on model PPN-PPF/25. Model PPN5 is for counter use.
Accessories: Steel stand CI (standard on models PPF/5-10-18) - Steel stand CB (standard on model PPF/25) - Abrasive plate PTA (standard on models PPN-PPF/5-10-18) - Abrasive plate PTB (standard on model PPN-PPF/25) - Abrasive plate PAB (only for models PPN-PPF/5-10-18) - Centrifuge basket CCV (only for models PPN-PPF/10-18) - Stainless steel cartridge filter CCF (only for models PPF) - Lateral abrasive (excluding model PPF-PPN/5).


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