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Sushi Roll Machine -SVR-NXA - Suzumo

Sushi Roll Machine Easy to operate for making square-shaped roll sushi  Employs a new rice for..

43,056.00 лв Ex Tax: 35,880.00 лв

Rice sheet Machine - SVR-NYA - Suzumo

Rice sheet Machine Makes work tremendously more efficient. Anyone can make Roll Sushi like a e..

38,016.00 лв Ex Tax: 31,680.00 лв

Sushi Roll Machine - SVR-BXА - Suzumo

Sushi Roll Machine Optimal for making Uramaki (inside-out rolls) New model with an improved ..

43,056.00 лв Ex Tax: 35,880.00 лв

Automatic Sushi Roll Cutter SVC-ATC-CE - Suzumo

Automatic Sushi Roll Cutter Sharp cutting edge for clean slicing  Increased capacity and impro..

15,552.00 лв Ex Tax: 12,960.00 лв

Compact Wrapped Sushi Machine - SGP-SNB-CE - Suzumo

Compact Wrapped Sushi Machine Machine Pick only the sushi you want This machine wraps each p..

108,000.00 лв Ex Tax: 90,000.00 лв

Electric automatic rice cooker FRC108 NC

with CE-certification 2 decks Stainless steel Rice cooking capacity: 2,8 to 10,0 kg of rice..

22,032.00 лв Ex Tax: 18,360.00 лв

Electric automatic rice cooker FRC162 NC - Suzumo

with CE-certification 3 decks Stainless steel Rice Cooking Capacity: 2,8 to 15 kg Dimensio..

32,400.00 лв Ex Tax: 27,000.00 лв

Electric automatic rice cooker FRC54 NC - Suzumo

with CE-certification 1 deck Stainless steel Rice cooking capacity: 2,8 to 5,0 kg of rice ..

11,376.00 лв Ex Tax: 9,480.00 лв

Nigiri robot SSF-CXA- Suzumo

New Compact Sushi Machine Simple and Easy to Operate   Entry-level Nigiri Sushi-making ma..

17,280.00 лв Ex Tax: 14,400.00 лв

Nigiri robot SSN-JLX - Suzumo

High performance yields fluffy Nigiri Fastest in the industry!! Can produce 4,800 delicious and f..

28,512.00 лв Ex Tax: 23,760.00 лв

Sushi Chef SUKETTO - Handmade-style Nigiri Maker- Suzumo - SSG-SCS

Sushi Chef SUKETTO Handmade-style Nigiri Maker Can create beautifully formed nigiri (sharidama) or..

1,728.00 лв Ex Tax: 1,440.00 лв

SHARIBEN-ROBOT Rice-Serving Machine-GST-FBB-CE - Suzumo

SHARIBEN-ROBOT Rice-Serving Machine Make work more efficient and improve quality This machin..

30,240.00 лв Ex Tax: 25,200.00 лв

SHARIKKA Cooked Rice Mixer- MCR-SSC - Suzumo

  Creates perfect sushi rice by spinning the cooked rice with vinegar as they fall together t..

28,512.00 лв Ex Tax: 23,760.00 лв

Rice-Washing Machine - RM-401A -Suzumo

  All you have to do is put the container in place and push the start button. Everything else..

38,102.40 лв Ex Tax: 31,752.00 лв

Sushi Anti-sticking oil

An odourless and tasteless vegetable oil, used to prevent cooked rice from sticking to blades and ot..

57.60 лв Ex Tax: 48.00 лв

Chops, grinds, mixes, purées, blends and minces meat, aromatic butter, dressings..
3,284.40 лв
Ex Tax: 2,737.00 лв
6,672.00 лв
Ex Tax: 5,560.00 лв
40 cm mixer for MX 40 and FX 40 ..
360.00 лв
Ex Tax: 300.00 лв
Fryer made of AISI 304 stainless steel, 20/10 mm thickness top. Pressed wells, sealed into top, gene..
13,933.20 лв
Ex Tax: 11,611.00 лв